T-SPORT iSUP 10′6″ Stand Up Paddle Board Kit

ONLY £229.00 Klarna

THE PERFECT BALANCE:  10.6” T-Sport SUP performs perfectly as a standalone paddleboard, especially if you’re new to the sport & are seeking a SUP with added balance. Furthermore, 81cm wide shape is designed especially with yoga, pilates & aqua-based fitness in mind.

DURABLE TRAVEL SUP BACKPACK & LIGHTWEIGHT PADDLE - The most comfortable SUP backpack available with loads of extra padding & super wide straps. Our 3 piece paddle has an ergonomic shaft.

SMART LOCK FINS & DOUBLE ACTION PUMP – Our versatile 8″ centre fin & smaller side fins provide ultimate glide & versatility for everyday paddling. No metal parts to lose, clip them in securely in seconds.

  • UV resistant
  • HQ coating
  • High pressure
  • Laminated finish
  • Super reinforced
  • Composite drop stich
  • Yoga iSUP
  • Activity board
  • Portable


Who is this for?

If yoga, pilates & aqua-based fitness is your thing – then the 10.6” T-Sport SUP is for you. Let your energy flow on the open water with perfect balance & space. Wide deckpad allows you all of the room that you need to find your inner water spirit. T-Sport iSUP designed for both beginners and advanced paddleboarders! Experienced paddlers won’t be disappointed, as 10.6” T-Sport iSUP benefits from all of the
usual construction details that you’d come to expect from iSUP, making our iSUPs the stiffest & most rigid boards on the market. What are you waiting for? Get out there & paddle…

T-Sport iSUP – 10’6″

The Perfect Balance: Love SUP? Check. Love Yoga? Double check. Combine your two favourite things & get yourself out on the open water. The T-Sport iSUP has the perfect blend of space & balance for ultimate aqua-based fitness. It paddles pretty good too, with everything you’d expect from an iSUP.

Exo Surface Laminate Technology

Only T-Sport uses ESL for ultra tough UV proofed decks. Throw your worst at them, they last a lifetime.
We use the densest drop stitch pattern on the market because we have the most skilled technicians & advanced manufacturing components available. 11200 stitches of 500 denier space yarn per square metre make for one rigid board.

Extra Space & Balance

Added dimensions give you all the confidence you need for an uninterrupted workout without any unexpected splashdowns. The extra width gives you more space & balance for aqua-based fitness & the larger shape adds extra stability whilst paddling your course.

Double Action Pump

• Pumps on the upstroke and on the downstroke
• High Pressure PSI Gauge
• Slim & Lightweight
• Ergonomic Grip
• Fits Easily Into Backpack

Paddle + Smart Lock Fin System

Lightweight (826g) and ergonomic paddle with variable length (165-205cm), suitable for children and adults.

Coiled Ankle Leash

Leashes Save Lives: Wear the leash on your ankle or calf with the comfortable neoprene band for total board safety. Eliminate drag with dense coils that never trail behind the board. The velcro rail-saver end makes an extra sturdy connection to your leash mount.

Yoga iSUP – Activity Board

Ditch the mat & take your yoga to the next level. SUP yoga has never been more popular & is known to improve your skills even more by requiring additional focus, strength & balance on the water. Move with the wind & flow with the current, surrounded by all that nature has to offer; the T-Sport is the perfect platform to put you on a different plane.

T-Sport Paddle Boards Bag

Durable T-Sport SUP Backpack

Take your board anywhere:
• Extra back & strap padding
• Extra wide straps
• Reinforced zipper webbing
• Hold luggage friendly
• Fits all accessories + iSUP

Croco-Diamond Deckpad

Non-slip croco-diamond deck pad is comfortable underfoot, offering extra grip & traction. Your board is also loaded with a secure cargo net to store your valuables.

Board Size: 10’6″

Dimensions: 320cm x 81cm x 15cm

Max User Weight: 150kg
Recommended User Weight: 90kg

Inflation: 15 PSI (Max) | 8-12 PSI

Pump: Dual Action – Single Chamber

3-Fin + Removable Smart Lock System

Aluminium Paddle + PU Blade

Backpack: 91cm x 40cm x 23cm (Minor iSUP Repair Kit also included)


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